Apple Unveils Beta Version of iCloud

Apple officially introduced the beta version of iCloud, their latest services for streaming media as well as cloud-based music services.

According to Mashable, the beta version of this service already available to all users with the Apple ID. In addition, the service was introduced in early June may also be accessed if the user visits using IOS 5 or Mac OS X Lion. However iCloud beta does not include cloud-music service, like iTunes Match.

Apple also has notified prices for iCloud. For 5GB of storage will be provided free of charge. If you want to add 10 GB will be charged $ 20, while the addition of 20GB will be charged $ 100 and 50GB cost $ 100.

Some analysts argue that iCloud beta is a modified version of MobileMe (online service which was issued by Apple), because it has the same front view.

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