Collaboration Album of Jay Z and Kanye West Lead in 23 Countries

In a very short time, the collaboration album of Jay Z and Kanye West titled "Watch The Throne" shot up to a most honorable position in the album charts in several countries. Reportedly, Adele which has been dominated also must be willing to step back to give space to this duo.

From the news reported by Contact Music, 23 states already list Watch The Throne at their peak album chart. Very impressive considering this new album was launched Monday, August 8, 2011 last. Looks like the trick of Jay Z and Kanye West this time is quite powerful to boost sales.

Duo who call themselves The Throne is deliberately throwing the digital version first and one week later the CD version was launched. This is intentional because Jay Z and Kanye West did not want this album to leak if the physical version was launched first.

Official data is not yet released, but almost certainly this album is also going into the first order of the Billboard Album Chart. Since the album was launched, some titles such as No Church in the Wild and Otis instantly become the talk of the various social networking sites. Amazing indeed!

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