Oversold, European Stock Rebound

Societe Generale CEO statement about the rumors rating France has pushed European stock markets rose in trading Thursday.

The FTSE rose 1.6% to 5088, the DAX jumped Rp1, 8% to 5717 and CAC rose 1.7% to 3054. Index of top European shares rose 2.3% after falling 4% on Wednesday, as quoted from yahoofinance.com.

Societe Generale shares rose 6% rebound after falling to 15% yesterday. French banking giant, Societe Generale declined rumors of medium difficulty. They blamed the speculation stating that France could potentially lose the AAA rating.

While Asia stock markets mixed moves like Hang Seng index fell 1.1% to 19,552, the Nikkei index fell 0.6% to 8980, the Shanghai index rose 0.3% and the ASX index rose 0.1% to 4.148.

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