Rick Perry to be a Star in the U.S. Presidential Political Debate

Rick Perry Debate At The Ronald Reagan Library Each presidential candidate of the Republicans who attended the political debate at the Ronald Reagan Library Building this morning agreed that the most important issue in the U.S. today is jobs.

In the debate, as reported by AP on Thursday, 8 September, the eight candidates who submit their programs, only two people who won praise as it is considered to have the capability in solving the economic crisis in the U.S. today.

The two men are Rick Perry (Texas Governor) and Mitt Romney (Former Governor of Massachusetes). Debate that lasted for 105 minutes has become an important event for the candidate to demonstrate managerial ability to the American people.

In the first debate, held after the Iowa caucus last month, Rick Perry surpassed Mitt Romney. Many predict, Perry was the one who will be nominated to become the republic Party U.S. presidential candidate in U.S. Presidential Election 2012.

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