The former Weezer bassist found dead in a hotel

Mikey Welsh, a former bassist of The rock group Weezer, found dead in a hotel in Chicago, Saturday 8 October 2011. Welsh found lifeless by the clerk to check his room.

The cause of death remains unknown. Police are still investigating the death of Welsh and awaiting autopsy results and toxicology tests that expected to take two months.

Welsh, 40, who left Weezer 10 years ago, was in Chicago to attend performance of The Weezer in RiotFest on Sunday night. "The concert will continue as scheduled," writes The Weezer in their official website announcing the death of Welsh.

Welsh, achieving popularity a decade ago, when replacing the old bassist Matt Sharp. According to The Weezer, Welsh is an important part in the history of their success. Welsh left the band in 2001, to become an artist and painter. A growing issue said, the reason Welsh out because he has little interference on the nerves.

Before he died, Welsh had time to write on his Facebook page that he was looking forward to meeting with his former band in Chicago.

Rest in peace Welsh, you will be missed.

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