Chrome Passes Firefox as the Second Most Popular Browser in the World

Chrome succeeded in becoming number two market share holder of the largest Internet browsers by defeating Mozilla Firefox. This is the first success of Chrome overtaking Firefox.

The top ranking is still held by Microsoft Internet Explorer. Although not popular among users, IE still remains the most widely used browser. This data is reported by the analysis firm StatCounter on Friday.

Chrome was recorded could reach 25.69 percent share of world browser market, up dramatically from only 4.66 percent in November 2009. Firefox thrown to third, slightly adrift of Chrome, amounting to 25.23 percent. While the winner, Internet Explorer is still mighty, which stood at a market share of 40.63 percent.

StatCounter research method used is to monitor the quantity of use of browser used to access the web, rather than the number of downloads. Which means, Chrome is not only more numerous are downloaded by users but also more frequently used to access the web, compared to Firefox.

Approach of Chrome to Internet Explorer validate the competition between Google and Microsoft in the world's information technology industry. Besides competing in the realm of search engines, they both also compete in all areas, for example in the realm of the mobile operating system.

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