Tom Cruise Admits Working on Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise confirmed the news he would re-emerge as a pilot as a follow-up movie "Top Gun" which appeared in 1986. The plan of making the movie "Top Gun 2" sticking out as director Tony Scott reveals himself back working on the film series a quarter century ago, in which Tom Cruise will return to play pilot Maverick, though few appeared.

"I said to Tony, I want to make another film with him. I do and he has not been made ​​since the last movie" Days of Thunder "in 1990. We never thought we would do (in collaboration) again. Then they started coming to me with new ideas, "said Tom Cruise.

Cruise emphasized the movie is still in early stages of production, but hopefully these ideas can be realized.

Later the "Top Gun 2" was released in 2012, mean Tom Cruise is not only involved in one business, a franchise. Cruise will be involved to launch Mission Impossible titled: "Ghost Protocol".

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