Android Gingerbread

the statue of Gingerbread

Android 3.0 Gingerbread rumored to be present before 2010 ends. The news is getting stuck after a video circulating on YouTube that show the presence of the statue of Gingerbread.

The news is certainly reasonable. Based on previous experience, Google to cue the presence of new Android operating system by presenting the iconic statue of the OS.

This was done at Google's Android OS before, Eclair and Froyo. Two statues of the iconic OS was placed in a row in front of the campus who developed the OS.

Even the reporter who reported the video sculpture Gingerbread claim, the first statue Froyo presented in mid-May. It is adjacent to the release Froyo on 20 May.

In a YouTube video that lasted one minute 15 seconds it displays the placement of the statue Gingerbread procession began when transported from the car until the stand out in front of the campus and witnessed by many people.

But of course, the certainty of this news is still not valid if there has been no official statement from Google about the presence of Gingerbread. Google until now could not be questioned about the truth of it.

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