Lakers Beat Mavs In Game That Interspersed Tension

Los Angeles Lakers successfully beat the Dallas Mavericks with a score quite a landslide, 109-82. The game was exciting not because of his game, but because of the commotion in the field.

Compete at the headquarters itself, only the Lakers ahead 28-26 at the end of the first quarter and 54-51 in the second quarter. In the third quarter, the Lakers successfully widen the score to 82-70.

When the fourth quarter has been running for about three minutes, a commotion broke out at Mavs guard Jason Terry, pushing the Lakers players, Steven Blake, while doing a drive.

Blake and Terry then arguing and quarrels. Situation getting worse as the Lakers forward, Matt Barnes, went along with pushing Terry. Brawl on the field even worse.

Barnes later detained by Mavs assistant coach, Terry Stotts, in front of the Mavs bench. Barnes then revolted from the grip Stotts and even 'slammed' Stotts into the stands at the edge of the field.

The match was stopped when the referee must see the footage on the monitor. Decision, Terry and Barnes issued. Likewise, the Mavs center, Brendan Haywood.

In the final quarter, the Lakers not getting overtaken. Phil Jackson's squad finally closed the match with an absolute advantage, 109-82.

Kobe Bryant finished collecting the highest number in the stronghold of the Lakers with 28 points and five rebounds. While the team Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki create 27 digits plus 13 rebounds.

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