Samsung and Google Prepare Nexus Two

Nexus Two

Google seems to be turning away from HTC, the manufacturer of Nexus One.

Google and Samsung are reportedly preparing a new generation of smartphones Nexus, the Nexus Two. Rumored, Nexus Two will be launched November 8th in New York City. This smartphone will use the Android 3 (Gingerbread) as the operating system.

Samsung could have recorded his debut as one of the first vendor to release a Android phone Gingerbread. It would be very interesting if true.

If that is the Samsung designated Google as a partner manufacturer, HTC is no longer automatically become the official manufacturer of Google's smartphone. Indeed, some time ago, google declare cease to market the Nexus.

Google took this step because of poor sales of the Nexus One, even though this phone could be one-awaited mobile phone. People think Google does not really jump into the mobile industry, but only just to encourage other hardware vendors to support the Android platform.

At least, Google's move to popularize the Android was not in vain. Phone vendors to other computers in droves launches Android platform devices. Even for mobile phones, Android is now one of the Apple iPhone rivals.

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