Demi Lovato Enters Rehab for Psychological Treatment

Demi Lovato Rehab
Demi Lovato depressed. According to her spokesman, Demi has canceled an international concert tour with the band Jonas Brothers. Actress movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Hour" also has entered rehab for psychological treatment, as quoted by TMZ.

"Demi Lovato has left the tour early this week to undergo medical treatment for some time due to physical conditions that are less healthy and psychiatric problems she must face today," said a spokesman for 18-year-old singer. "Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and is now seeking help from professionals. For the sake of feel sorry but could not finish his tour in the future, he plans to return to work."

In connection with the problems that now befall Demi, a source reported that a former boyfriend Joe Jonas are involved in physical fights with one of the girls who are also members of the tour. Added the source of the dispute so that the trigger until Demi decided to enter rehab.

About Saturday, October 30, Demi cancel his concert with the Jonas Brothers in Peru because of health problems. On the same day, Demi Twitter account suddenly deleted without any apparent reason.

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