Tsunami In Japan struck The U.S. West Coast

U.S. West Coast Tsunami Hits
AP Photo/ Kyodo News.

The tsunami waves caused by the earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale in Japan hit the West Coast, California, after rolling across Hawaii. A number of residents were fleeing from the threat of the giant wall of water.

United States civil defense officials reported that a tsunami warning has been lifted. Wave strength is in the region have recovered after moving across the Pacific Ocean toward North America.

Although the waves in coastal areas was higher than usual, there were no reports of injury or damage. Hawaii has been declared safe, but the threat still lurks the U.S. West Coast.

Bill Daley, head of the White House said that the anticipation must always exist because everything can happen.

The most devastating earthquake during the last 140 years, triggering tsunami warnings in most of the Pacific basin. At least 50 receiving tsunami threatened areas, including eastern Indonesia. However, his strength began to weaken.

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