Apple iPad CDMA in Trouble With Its Connection

Apple iPad CDMA Troubled

Apple has released the second generation of the iPad last month, and for the first time the company provides a tablet computer that supports the CDMA network, no longer limited to access 3G GSM and Wi-Fi.

However, from some reports which came in, apparently the CDMA version of the iPad face connection problems. A number of iPad 2 users sent a complaint to Verizon Wireless, the largest CDMA operator in the United States with 94.1 million subscribers.

Most of the complaints are about the wireless connection of iPad 2. Customer claims it is difficult to connect with the CDMA network. They need to reboot the tablet in order to be connected to the Internet.

According to the comments of the users that monitored through the Apple Support Discussion, they are difficult to connect with CDMA 3G connection after using Wi-Fi access. To overcome the bug, customers are forced to restart their iPad.

This issue is not just a mere topic of discussion at the Apple website. In fact, officers which worked at Apple Customer Service willing to listen to a large number of Apple customer complaints over the phone.

This case seems to be a big issue which urgently to be resolved by Apple. Some customers did not even hesitate to say will be switch back to AT & T after Apple representatives could not be responsible for issues that occurred.

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