Records of Space Exploration For 50 Years

Yuri Gagarin's flight into outer space on 12 April 1961 initiated the long human missions through the sky.
Over 50 years of space exploration history, humans have been incised various records.

The oldest Man in space
United States Senator, John Glenn was 77 years old when he flew into outer space using the shuttle Discovery in 1998. Glen also holds the record as the first American in the orbit when he flew for 88 minutes in 1962.

The youngest Man in the space
Soviet cosmonaut, Gherman Titov, orbits in space one month before she was fulfilled 26 years. The flight was also made him as the second person who flew in the orbit.

The longest Man in space in a row
Soviet cosmonaut, Valery Polyakov, spent 438 days in a row when in the Mir space station since January 1994 until 1995.

Oldest living Man on the moon
Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmidt stayed for 75 hours or almost three days on the lunar surface. Both men are U.S. astronaut and the crew of Apollo 17 mission.

The fastest man in outer space
The crew of Apollo 10 mission flew at a speed of 39,897 kilometers per hour relative to the earth on the way back to the origin planet. Three astronauts become crew of this mission, they are Cernan, John Young, and Tom Stafford.

Astronauts with the most flights
The record is held by two U.S. astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz is and Jerry Ross. The two men are orbiting much as seven times.
The longest Human floating in the space
Jim Voss and Susan Helms listed themselves as the longest people who flew out of a vehicle in a single flights. The two astronauts are flying for 8 hours 56 minutes outside the shuttle Discovery while preparing for arrival of a new module for the international space station.
The largest Human in the space
As many as 13 people together at the international space station in 2009. The record in this sacred number was never unbeatable until now.

Largest women in outer space
In April 2010, Tracy Caldwell Dyson sailed into the sky for join the astronaut Stephanie Wilson, Dorothu Metcalf-Lindenburger, and Naoko Yamazaki at the international space station. Encounters a record four women as the largest women in outer space.

The most expensive Spacecraft
International space station was recorded as the most expensive spacecraft ever built by people. This laboratory was built at a cost of U.S. $ 100 billion. Half of U.S. taxpayers pay for it.

The largest Spacecraft
Again, the international space station listing themselves as The largest spacecraft of space. This spacecraft is so large, about the size of a football field. The size of this spacecraft makes 13 people can be together in this spacecraft. This Large Spacecraft can also be seen from earth with brightness could exceed the level of brightness the Venus.

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