YouTube Throwing Visitors To The Year 1911

Video sharing site, YouTube, celebrate April Fool by throwing visitors to the year 1911. YouTube as if to bring Internet users to the year 1911, if at that time the Internet and YouTube already exists.

YouTube released a video titled "Top Five Viral Pictures of 1911". YouTube also change the logo and enter the classic, typical of 1911, in each video. When clicked, the display will change to a classic image clip with a pale yellow color screen and music from the early era of the 20th century.

Since 2008 YouTube routinely celebrate April Fools in various ways. In 2008, YouTube put the video link that directs visitors to the YouTube international portal before going into the main site.

In 2009 YouTube designing all videos, links, and text in a vertical position. There are also links to help users see the new display with the puzzle, such as hanging the monitor in a horizontal position or move to Australia.

While in 2010 there are new options in the video quality setting called "TEXTp".

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