Music May Cause Teen Depression

Would you believe that listening music could actually lead to depression? But that's the result of research by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh United States. Pop music can make teens become depressed.

According to the results of these studies, teenagers who are depressed tend to seek the kind of music aligned with their moods. They do not realize that this will only make them more depressed. For young people, listening music can be one of the interesting activities to do alone, rather than having to interact. This is what causes the risk of depression.

This research was carried out on at least 106 teenagers by finding out, what media they use to listening music. Research shows those who use more time to listening music exposed to 8.3 times the risk of experiencing depression.

Dr Brain A Primack of the University Pitssburgh says that this is preliminary, he has not dared says that music can really bring adverse effects.

In some earlier studies, music therapy actually proved to be a powerful medium to combat stress, even music can be efficacious therapy for patients with heart disease and hypertension.

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