Strong Reactions Came After Osama's Body Drowned at Sea

A number of Islamic countries to react after body of Osama bin Laden drowned in the sea from the deck of a U.S. carrier while on heading to Afghanistan. As reported by Al Jazeera, a number of clerics protested the actions of the U.S. soldiers because contrary to Islamic doctrine. According to them, Osama's body should be buried on the mainland and brought to Makkah.

A clerics in Lebanon, Omar Bakri Mohammed, even more loudly commented about the burial. "The Americans deliberately insult Muslims!" he shouted, as reported by the media in the Middle East. U.S. committed to the body of Osama, he added, is a fatal mistake.

Furthermore, burial at sea is only permitted when there are special occurrence, such as death aboard a ship. "Osama disposal at sea is contrary to Islamic law, religious values ​​and civilized humanity,"said Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, great mosque imam of Al Azhar, Cairo.

The leader of Egypt's Sunni Muslim teaching center was criticized, the disposal of body of Osama is an affront to Muslims. "Prohibited in Islam destroy the bodies, whatever their beliefs. People respect the dead with burial," he said as quoted by Al Jazeera television station.

A well-known Muslim lawyer from Egypt, Al-Zayat, also denounced the U.S. action. He said Osama's body should be buried in his home country, Saudi Arabia, one of U.S. allies.

Clerics in Iraq reveals, only one which benefited from the funeral of Osama in the sea, the fish. Burial tradition in Islam has become an intense debate on Iraq since 2003. At that moment, U.S. soldiers preserved bodies of two children of Saddam Hussein which was killed in crossfire. Two body of Saddam's son was then shown to the media.

Head of the Department Islamic Studies of American University, Akbar Ahmed expressed a different opinion. Osama burial at sea to prevent dissatisfaction targeted at Osama 's tomb.

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