Donald Trump Does Not Hurt For Obama Joke

The White House of Donald Trump
Trump, The White House (Reuters)
Real estate entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, last week said that President Barack Obama threw "good joke" about him at an event in Washington, Saturday night.

One of Obama's jokes that make Donald Trump entertained is when an image shown on the screen. The figure implies joke of the businessman's habit of naming the building with his own name.

In images shown on the screen looks the White House version of Donald Trump's casino-style hotel with bikini-clad girls playing in the fountain, and gold-colored pole to replace the white pole.

Donald Trump has talk about Obama, who is not eligible to be president because according to him was not Native American. But Obama, last week, showed his birth certificate to end the debate.

Donald Trump, that being exploring his chances for nomination to the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 election, said he would announce important things in June. He held the announcement until his reality show, Celebrity Apprentice ended on May 22.

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