Obama Hinted Trump Will Destroy the White House to be Casino

The White House of Trump

Although the U.S. presidential election is still going around one more year, "the fire of competition" among the presidential candidates began to be felt. President Barack Obama, who has been officially put themselves forward again as a candidate for president, hinted a Republican rival, Donald Trump a is also a tycoon and billionaire.

With a joke, Obama said that if one day become president, Trump would turn the White House into a casino with a pond in the garden. Obama threw the satire during the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association that also attended by Trump.

Obama was hinted ambitions of entrepreneur a become host "The Apprentice", a reality show on television. Obama called Trump shows the sharpness towards the presidential election of 2012. Starting from the get rid of Gary Busey, a famous actor had ever nominated for Oscar 1978, his reality show Celebrity Apprentice, up to spend time with a throw of conspiracy theories about Obama's birth place.

Lapse week after Obama released his birth certificate from Hawaii to answer the controversy origin of the president expressed by Trump, he believes that his rival will not remain silent seek a new issue to drop him. "No one, except Donald, who is more proud to other people concerned about the birth certificate," Obama said sarcastically.

Its climax occurred when Obama shows a screen image which contains his personal outlook about Trump if one day become president. There illustrated Trump's name written in glittery letters. Then, seen girls are relaxing on the large Jacuzzi on the porch of the palace.

Trump continued smile hearing Obama jokes on the beginning of the show then looked uncomfortable. Moreover, after the comedian Steve Meyers replied to the president's joke. "Donald Trump is often talked about his candidacy for president of the Republican Party which so shocking number of parties. But, I just think his candidacy as a joke," Meyers joked as reported by the Associated Press. Trump cold stare directly at the Meyers being continued joke aimed at him.

Obama and Trump met in one room after a full week of the billionaires continued to attack a president who had spent his childhood in Indonesia through various conspiracy theory of. White House decision to reveal Obama's birth certificate is a serious blow to the conspiracy theory of expressed by Trump. Obama also used the occasion to show his humorous side to the audience.

On a serious session, Obama use his time to thank military personnel stationed in countries which are experiencing conflict. He also expressed his grief for the residents on the southern United States, particularly Alabama had just struck the worst storm disaster in the history of the country.

He then hopes to reporters who attended the event to write a story about the hurricane victims. Also, encourage those who left loved ones.

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