Shania Twain Talked To Oprah About Her Husband's Affair

Shania Twain Talked To Oprah
Country singer Shania Twain talked to Oprah Winfrey last Tuesday about her disappointment over her husband's affair, Robert Mutt Lange with Marie-Anne Thiebaud. She is a friend of Twain and also worked as secretary of Swiss castle belonging to Twain and Mutt Lange.

Shania Twain said that she had in a position very sad to repair his marriage. He wrote a letter to Marie-Anne, asking Marie-Anne to stop loving her husband with seek another love.

But the letter was never returned, her imagination getting messed up because she did did not understand and did not know why the affair could happen.

Twain still did not giving up, she called Marie-Anne and do everything in order to get information about it, but Marie-Anne has change the telephone number.

No one can predict the future, after divorce with Mutt Lange, Twain finally met with Frederic Thiebaud which is none other the former Marie-Anne's husband. This handsome guy working as Company Executive at Nestle, Swiss. Frederic helped her rebuild the lives and see the positive side of their divorce.

These friendships have developed a sense of love between them. Shania and Frederic later married on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico, during New Year celebrations ago.

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