iCloud, Indecision Apple in the Post-PC Era

Apple has been the trendsetter in many ways and tend to challenge generally accepted marketing laws by issuing a phenomenal product. However, this time Apple have to be subject to the growing trend in the world, namely cloud computing.

Surefire, Apple must enter the model of content distribution on the Internet that Google and Amazon have been promoted well in advance. iCloud which was introduced in the opening of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 in San Francisco, become the answer to its main opponents in the Internet content business.

Not just for music services per se, iCloud service can also be used by Apple users to manage all types of content including documents and photographs. The idea is to provide a service that allows consumers to access the content easily from any device from Apple quickly. Previously, it allows the digital hub in the home for example, but in the future would switch to a more flexible cloud can be accessed from anywhere.

In the post-PC era, reliance on the use of applications and content on the device is getting smaller. Especially when every user uses more than one device. Cloud became effective solution to overcome the dependence on each type of device.

For example, when users buy e-books on ibook, bought tracks on iTunes, take pictures, record video, or download the application, everything will be backup in the cloud and can be directly accessed from the iPhone, iPad, and the user's iPod. It also synchronize your calendar, email, and a list of contacts up to 5 GB capacity. Synchronization is also to documents from Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Apple also provides a photo stream that serves all the photos from the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users are stored, but only limited to 30 days from the content uploaded.

All cloud-based services are free and no advertising insertions. However, if still not adequate, Apple provides iTunes Match which scans all your iTunes playlists in your library users and keep all the files in the cloud
in the form of AC 256 Kbps files without DRM. However, for ITunes Match bears cost 25 U.S. dollars per year. Remember, there's no music or video streaming service by Apple today. New users can download to various devices without having to pay again.

However, at least, users of Apple products no longer have to pay 99 dollars just for MobileMe service that synchronizes all messages. Steve Jobs officially announced the termination of MobileMe service which has been completely restructured with iCloud. Customers who already pay can still use it until June 30, 2012 and that would shift will receive a refund.

iCloud may provide a new experience that allows fans to enjoy Apple's contents. However, to become a strong challenger to Amazon's and Google's services, it looks like Apple still have to wait.

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