Sony No Longer Use a Name NGP, But PlayStation Vita

Sony officially introduced the latest generation of PlayStation Portable (PSP). But Japan-based company did not use name Next Generation Portable (NGP), but PlayStation Vita.

For information, 'Vita' meaning 'life' in Latin and Italian. Even so, not yet certain whether Sony is really going to call the newest portable gaming device with this name.

Sony will launch PlayStation Vita next summer with prices for wifi version at USD249, while for the 3G models priced at USD299.

In the model, PlayStation Vita appears to be the same as the first model and not a version of sliding as he had been adopted on the PSP GO.

Year 2011 seems to be a busy year for Sony. In addition to developing Vita PlayStation, Sony reportedly also plans to release fourth-generation PlayStation, though not yet known when the game console that will be published.

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