Outbreaks of E Coli in Europe Originated From Germany Bean Sprouts

E Coli bacteria that infect people and killed tens of thousands of other European countries, probably derived from a plant sprouts originating from Germany. Bean sprouts have been distributed to various restaurants around the country.

This was conveyed by Minister of Agriculture for the region of Lower Saxony Germany, Gert Lindemann, as reported by CNN, Sunday, June 5, 2011. He said there is a direct link between the patients with initial E. coli bacteria with bean sprouts grown in Bienenbuettel city, district Uelzen. "There are many indications in the last few hours that led to the company." Menananam agricultural company and distribute this plant has been closed since last Sunday and all their products have been withdrawn from the market. In addition to bean sprouts, some production companies, such as herbs, fruits, flowers, and potatoes, also pulled off the market.

Earlier, two people working in this company hit an acute diarrhea from consuming bean sprouts they produce.

Lindemann said that based on the research content of E coli are deadly on bean sprouts. Not yet discovered how the bacterium that attacks the digestive system can be attached to the bean sprouts grown in a drum of this.

Officers who combed the company did not discover that it contains E coli. Allegedly, bean sprouts contain E coli had already spread in several restaurants and cafes in Germany. This plant is usually used as a mixture for salad.

Currently, the bacterium E coli is infecting more than 2,200 people in 12 European countries, 22 of whom died. Allegedly, the epidemic has not reached its peak and will continue to grow.

Victims are infected will experience acute diarrhea. In the worst case, they suffered kidney failure and ends with death. Initially, the Spanish cucumber is believed to be the cause of this outbreak. However, after investigation bacterium E coli in cucumber was not lethal.

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