Two Tornadoes Hit Massachusetts

Bad weather continues to hit a number of areas in the United States. After a tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, now turn heavily populated settlements in western and central regions of the State of Massachusetts. At least four people were killed and about 19 ​​residents of complex settlement ruins.

Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, reported tornadoes that comes along with strong winds and heavy rain have killed two people yesterday in Westfield, one in Brimfield, and one in West Springfield.

According to Patrick, the search parties continued looking for other victims that may still be trapped in the rubble.

Springfield mayor, Domenic Sarno, said about 40 people injured and 250 others were displaced. The worst damage occurred in the residential South End, Springfield, not far from the intersection of state highway and also in the vicinity of the Connecticut River.

According to Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the U.S. Meteorological Agency, the first tornadoes lasted at 16:20 pm local time in Springfield. Meanwhile, a second tornadoes occurred in the northern city at 16.30. Besides in Springfield, severe damage was reported in Hampden and a number of other cities.

Tornado hit several states in the U.S. this year. At least more than 550 people were killed by spinning wind that is shaped like a funnel. Tornadoes occur mainly in the U.S. southeast region, such as Alabama and Missouri.

A few days ago, a devastating tornadoes also struck the City of Joplin, Missouri. According to local officials, the worst tornadoes since 1947 until now has snatched 134 people. About 29 others were reportedly missing.

A spokesman for Missouri Department of Public Safety, Seth Bundy said the number of victims could increase if some 900 injured currently being treated can not rescued.

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