U.S. Astronauts to Inspect Atlantis Thermal Protective Layer

The astronauts of space shuttle Atlantis on the first day of their mission in space to check the heat shield layer on the shuttle was to involve whether there is damage in the launch on Friday.

American space agency, NASA, said the inspections carried out Saturday's preparation for joining the International Space Station on Sunday.

NASA says Atlantis crew of four that uses a robotic arm equipped Atlantis camera on its tip to get a close look.

Experts on Earth will examine the photos to make sure the heat shield is still in good condition.

Inspection is standard procedure. In 2003, the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed when it reentered Earth's atmosphere due to damage at launch.

Atlantis flying to-135 and the last of the space shuttle program Americans aged 30 years. The crew of the shuttle carrying supplies, spare parts and science experiments in the 12-day mission.

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