At Least 40 People Were Killed by Hurricane Irene

Irene Hurricane killed at least 40 people in 11 eastern U.S. states and Canada. While Vermont and northern New York was hit by massive flooding until Monday.

The death toll included six each in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina, five in Pennsylvania, four in Virginia, three in Vermont, each of the two in Connecticut, Delaware and Florida, and one each in Maryland and Massachusetts.

The victims are expected to increase after Irene toward the east coast on Sunday night hit the states are densely populated. Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and then to Canada, which caused heavy rains.

Millions of people still without electricity and officials have warned that the flood damage caused by heavy rains may be the new note in the next few days.

Irene previously killed at least five people in the Caribbean including Puerto Rico and one in each of two people in the Dominica Republic and Haiti.

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