David Cameron: Social Networking Riots Spread

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said the riot in his country due to widespread media social networking. For this reason, the government is currently seeking ways to stop the spread of provocative information on these sites.

Cameron said that the spread of information is too easily and freely in a variety of social networking sometimes cause problems. To ensure these sites do not play a negative role in riots, the government will discuss this in a meeting with representatives of social media and telecommunications in the UK, include Facebook, Twitter, and BlackBerry.

Cameron said his government was seeking ways if they can stop social media operate when proven to spread evil and crime. Home Affairs Minister, Theresa May, has called representatives of the three companies of social networking and telecommunications. The possibility of a meeting will be conducted within the next few weeks.
Representatives of Facebook and Twitter in the UK said they were happy to meet with the government. However, both rejected the plan. Twitter Management said it will not censor or delete accounts that deploy provocation. As Facebook has implemented a policy of deleting a number of accounts to provoke violence.

Most from the rioters spread their action via BlackBerry Messenger. Blackberry has previously expressed readiness to cooperate with police to identify the rioters. Consequently, hackers compromised the Blackberry blogs as a form of protest.

More than 1,500 people detained since the riots broke out last Saturday. Due to the unrest, material losses estimated at more than 520 million pounds.

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