ESET Mobile Security For Android Released Soon

ESET Mobile Security for the Android version of the Release Candidate is now available. This version is the last stage before the product is officially released to the public. For the trial, you can download it at

From research conducted by Gartner, predicted that Android will become the most popular device in the world, controls 49% of smartphone market by the end of 2012. Users of this magnitude certainly evocative of the cyber criminals to profit from the users. Garnet also predicts that the ESET Mobile Security will control more than 60 percent units of Android on the market.

Additional features released together with this RC version was the trusted friend. This is a feature that is able to reset the user's password, if an when the user forgot. Trusted Friend also provide SMS alerts when there is an unknown SIM card is inserted into the smartphone. Anti spam also enhanced to block phone calls "Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR).

Hundreds thousands of applications available on Android Market was not entirely safe. If it contains malware, the application can easily get into the smartphone and disseminate valuable information stored on the smartphone. For example, as happened in Russia. Some time ago, circulated an SMS Trojan horse masquerading as a media player. This Trojan then infiltrated in a communications network in Russia. If installed, the application will immediately disseminate text messages from your smartphone device to selected phone numbers premium. As a result, of course, your pulse is truncated to premium numbers that you do not register.

For temporary security, one way you can do is to install the default security to prevent outsiders from accessing your smartphone. Such as smartphones and install a password to auto-lock settings. This treatment does not require any additional applications, since both features can be set within the system that is on the menu "Location & Security".

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