Warren Buffett: Stop 'Spoiling' the U.S. Billionaire with Tax Relief

U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett said, the wealthiest U.S. citizens have been 'spoiled' for a long time by the U.S. Congress with tax relief.

The second richest man in America is repeating his petition to the government to levy more taxes to the very wealthy as a way to cut off deficit and national debt.

Writing in The New York Times on Monday, Buffett said, "the wealthiest Americans have been spoiled for a long time by a Congress that is friendly to the billionaires."

Buffett that have a net worth of 45 billion U.S. dollars last year said he paid federal taxes nearly $ 7 million dollars, but it is 17.4 percent of his income and a lower percentage than the employees who earn less.

Buffett, along with Microsot founder Bill Gates, launched the "Giving Pledge" in the U.S. in June last year. Campaign "Giving Pledge" is to convince the citizens of the richest men in America to be willing to donate some of their wealth to various charitable purposes, whether they were alive during or after they died.

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