Toyota Began to Market Prius Hybrid Plug-in in the United States in October

Toyota Prius Hybrid Plug-inAfter successfully achieving sales of one million units of the Prius hybrid in Japan, in August 2011, Toyota Motor Corporation plans to market plug-in Prius hybrid into 14 states across the United States starting this October. As for the national coverage of the U.S. (50 states) predicted two years.

The selling price of a new variant V and hybrid Prius plug-ins are respectively 27,160 and 32,760 U.S. dollars U.S. dollars per unit.

To increase the volume of sales, Toyota offers a battery charging device Lavinton worth 999 dollars and go on sale next month. Least 15,000 units of the Prius hybrid plug-in is targeted by TMC to be able to sell in its first year. And Toyota is ready to market another variant of the Prius, including wagon model next month as well as the Prius is more compact in size next year.

Source: bloomberg

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