Army Navy Game History

Army Navy Game is  an American college football rivalry game between the teams of the United States Military Academy.

According to Wikipedia, The Army–Navy Game began in 1890, has been held at several locations throughout its history, but has most frequently been played in Philadelphia, roughly equidistant from the two academies. Historically played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the game is now played on the second Saturday in December and is traditionally the last game of the season for both teams and, until the recent advent of conference championship games, it was the last regular-season game played in Division I-A football.

With the permanent expansion of the regular season to 12 games starting in 2006, many regular-season games join the Army–Navy Game on the same weekend. In 2009, the game was moved from the first Saturday in December to the second Saturday; this means that it will no longer conflict with conference championship games and once again is the last regular-season contest in college football.

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