David Archuleta Retreat From the World of Music

David Archuleta Retreat From MusicDavid Archuleta announces to the world that he would step down temporarily from the music scene for several years ahead. When announcing this, he was crying uncontrollably in the middle of concert tour "My Kind of Christmas" in Salt Lake City, USA, recently.

Cries of runner-up in the seventh season of American Idol seems unbearable after fans shouting their support with loud and applause. Crush hitmaker had a chance to stop talking a minute to calm down to get back talking.

David Archuleta has chosen to become full-time missionary. He said the decision came from himself, not on wishes of others.

Archuleta also said he would serve as a Mormon missionary church youth, who will be bound to follow such strict rules only allowed to call two times during the year and also met the mother. Before actually a temporary retreat from the world of music, Archuleta will hold his last concert in Beaver Creek, Colo., Wednesday.

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