PayPal Lawsuits Doesn't Make Google Tremble

Google strongly denied allegations that PayPal says his party has been stealing secrets owned by PayPal transaction system to be applied on the Google Wallet.

Earlier, shortly after Google introduced the Google Wallet service, eBay and its online payment unit, PayPal sent a lawsuit claiming that Google has stolen secret data similar payments system development belongs to them.

In its claim, PayPal said that his party had worked hard for three years to launch a payment system via mobile devices Android, in cooperation with Google. But Google was suddenly hijacked their idea of mobile payments by deliberately recruiting Vice President of Platform, Mobile and New Ventures PayPal, Osama Bedier to develop Google Wallet service.

In one description of its claim, PayPal explained that Bedier has extensive knowledge of the ability of PayPal as well as strategies, plans and market intelligence on mobile payment systems and other related technologies. Thus, Google's intention to recruit Bedier associated with the Google mode stealing business ideas from PayPal.

Responding to these allegations, Google argued by saying that Silicon Valley is built on the ability of each individual utilizing their knowledge and expertise to seek opportunities for better work. This idea can be understood by California law and public policy.

In its official statement, Google said that they had respected other company secrets. That way, they were ready to fight lawsuits by PayPal in the court.

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