BlackBerry Playbook Retail Outlet Beats iPad 2

BlackBerry Playbook

Aware that have been late to enliven the tablet PC market in the world, RIM (Research In Motion) run a different strategy in marketing their BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. RIM directly step on the gas with retail outlets spread anywhere that will spearhead the marketing of these tablets.

The number of retail outlets that spread RIM is even up to 2 times more than that owned Apple iPad 2, according to Steven Hartley, Ovum analyst at research institutions. RIM has more than 20 thousand retail outlets to spread Playbook in the U.S. and Canadian markets, while for other countries is still unknown.

Mike Lazaridis, RIM's CEO has said it will always open the door wide open for any party that wants to be a partner in the marketing of such tablets. Tablet PC 7-inch touch screen can also support push e-mail during connect with your BlackBerry phone via Bluetooth.

But among the myriad of advantages that heralded it, of course determinants of success of this tablet is the consumer who is more keen in selecting products that will spend their money. Price tablets BlackBerry Playbook still quite able to compete with IPAD with 16GB capacity Playbook priced at $ 500, 32GB for $ 600, and 64GB for $ 700, all in the model Playbook WiFi.

Samsung also recently Galaxy Galaxy Tab Tab 10.1 and 8.9 have been announced and immediately enter the market. Looks like this Playbook tablet must try extra hard to get rid of invasion iPad 2 and tablets Android

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